LFTF Donates to Rogers High School Alumni Scholarship fund during Ram Jam Weekend

LFTF Donates to Rogers High School Alumni Scholarship fund during Ram Jam Weekend

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Alumni Weekend is a time of celebration, reflection, and reconnecting with old friends and memories. It's an occasion to honor our alma mater and appreciate the experiences that shaped us into the individuals we are today. We attended this year's Alumni Weekend and made our annual  donation of  $1000 to the scholarship fund. We hope to have a lasting impact on the lives of future students

One of the most remarkable aspects of attending alumni events is witnessing the diversity of experiences and backgrounds represented by fellow graduates. These gatherings provide an opportunity for individuals from different walks of life to come together and share their unique perspectives. By supporting the scholarship fund, Lead From The Front is helping to promote diversity and inclusivity within my alma mater's community. Scholarships can attract a broader range of talented students, ensuring a more vibrant and dynamic educational environment.

Leading by example is a powerful way to inspire others. It is our hope is that our example will encourage others to reflect on their own experiences and consider giving back when possible . Whether it's time or money, every contribution makes a difference. By sparking a culture of philanthropy, we can collectively have a transformative impact on the lives of current and future students. Why Not Lead From The Front? #LFTF


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